Equity, Justice and Competitiveness in the City

Competitiveness versus Social Sustainability 

Vila Real - 28 and 29 January of 2000

28 of January

09.30h Opening Session


10.00h Social Sustainability and Urban Competitiveness

Prof. Victor Matias Ferreira, ISCTE


11.00h Representative Systems and Urban governation in Portugal

Dr. João Seixas, London School of Economics 


11.45h Coffee-break


12.00h Decision Process in Urban Management (debate)
Dr. João Cepa, Mayor of Esposende City Hall

Eng. Madalena Presumido, Urbe


13.30h Lunch


15.00h  Urban Justice (debate)

Prof. Manuel Costa-Lobo, IST
Prof. Fernando Gonçalves
Prof. Fernanda Paula Oliveira, Coimbra University - Law School
Arch. Mário Moreira, Loures City Hall 


16.10h Coffee-break


16.30h Debate


18.00h End of Session


29 of January
10.00h Participation and Mediation. Systems and Results: an European approach.
Dr. Ursula Caser, Muralha Consultor
11.00h Coffee-break


11.15h Washington, DC: Democracy and Capitalism in a Capitol City

Prof. Mark Carl Rom, Instituto de Políticas Públicas da Universidade de Georgetown


12.30h Definition of New Urban Politics in Netherlands:

a) politics evaluation;
b) urban planning system
Prof. Henk Voogd, Groningen University

Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro - Reitoria Bulding