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Who are we

        Nowadays modern world is characterized by very quick changes in our ways of living and working, in the communication and information tecnologies, and in the consistency and image of our urban areas.

    The alterations caused by the integration into the EU and by the economic globalisation can, on the one hand, be considerd as a new challenge to hyman inventiveness, but, on the other hand, they are provoking profound social changes that are most obvious in the urban zones: the phenomenom of unnoccupied houses, social exclusion and the significant increase of the homeless, the difficulties in facing the growing number of drug addicts, the feeling of insecurity that is reigning the lives of thousands of people living in the cities.

    All over the world, people are now accepting the challenge of contributing personally, using their knowledge and capacities, to the search for new ways of canalasing the urban evolution: they are not only considering the social aspects such as urban self-sufficiency, urban planning, beautifying the city and the preservation of its landscaping and historical patrimony, or the creation of new ways of artistic expression.

    Many of the people living in the cities are now understanding that it is worthwile to participate in the fundamental urban decisions, constructively insisting on the necessity of improving the urban policies in application, striving for the organisation and creation of new spaces for living and meeting in the city.

    Urban Environment is considering those dimensions of freedom - the practical freedom wich the urban society can provide.

    Urbe is a non-profit organisation with national scope, and is constituted by people who have in commin their will to intervene in the city.

    Urbe welcomes everyone who is respecting the diversity of ideas and ways of being, and who is interested in urban topics. In order to know more about us, read these pages and contact us by email.

(text subscript for the National Commission of the Urbe)



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