There are not a lot of companies that will venture into overclocking at all, and not a lot that can match or levels and cover them with warranty.
Our use of only the best hardware parts and hand assembly with hidden cables and maximum cooling fans allows us to achieve above
average levels of overclocking without endangering any of the components. Of course our extensive experience in that field helps.
Overclocking mostly depends on the platform you pick, CPU and motherboard combination, RAM limits and cooling solution. On the
side note – modern air coolers surpass most of the water coolers in terms of lowest temperatures, reliability and ease of use.
Computers from VariantPC buy computer online are not just some of the most powerful
gaming machines, they are
also as unique as snowflakes – no matter buy desktop pc online how many you look at. Every computer that you can
pick and customize is already predesigned for the best available options in each price segment.
All you have buy gaming pc online to do is to change critical components to your liking from the list of the top of the line
parts compatible with the current setup you pick. And not just compatible – but most appropriate in
each case, we buy pc online do not just give all possible and sometimes wasteful options, but let you choose
from what would be the most valuable choices. It makes customizing easier for everybody.
Performance of VariantPC custom computer computers is unmatched among real custom built gaming computers.
You will never find the same performance level of the brand-name hardware, gaming computer quality and – what
that all is meant for – overclocking and optimization! Like custom pc not every motherboard is the same,
and ours will be the one with more PCI-e slots, more USB 3.0 ports, better cooling, best available
options and best reliability. All that combined with the most recognized names in hardware production
lets us squeeze every last possible bit of performance. With our computers you will get that kind of
performance you expect for the price paid, performance custom built computer that you lust for and deserve!
We pick only the best computer for games brand-name parts that were tested by us and by wide hardware community and
proved to be the most reliable, stable, cool and in other words perfect enough to be used in VariantPC
computers. Thus said, quality of our computer relies not only on the great custom built computers quality of the brand name
parts we use but also on our top level gaming computers hand assembly and rigorous testing afterwards. We are not trying
to save on some hardware to custom computer gaming seduce you with a lower price and then waste everybody’s time on warranty
repairs. Instead we would invest intel gaming computers little extra in the hardware that everyone trusts, something that will last
longer! We are the best because gaming pc we only deal with the best!
What is value for you – getting away with less money spent and so-so solution or getting the most out of what you are ready
to spend with no regrets custom gaming computers in the future? We are mostly catering to the second group, to those whose priority is spending
money wisely, those who want to see the product of their investment. Whether it’s the best custom gaming computer on the
market, quietest and coolest home phenom gaming entertainment system, or simply sharp looking home or office computer. Every dollar you
pay for our custom computer will bring you closer to tournament victory, will make your case quieter, will squeeze extra FPS
out of nowhere, and will give you peace of mind with your purchase.
We are not trying to fool anyone core i7 gaming when we design our computers. With our computers we always keep things balanced, better CPU
comes with better motherboard and videocard, better videocard computer gaming with more operating memory and so on. We do not allow bottlenecks
in our systems; all components are on the same level of performance. Otherwise you could possibly waste some of the resources if
one of the hardware parts is not on par with amd gaming computers the others. And we do that picking job ourselves; you don’t have to think if that power
supply is enough for those videocards, WE make sure it will be enough, and if not – we will upgrade it at no cost to you!
VariantPC computers are custom computer gaming system never packed in the box without proper testing. We do not just leave our computers turned on overnight; we
crush them under the force of multiple benchmarks. Only those that withstand that onslaught will be sent to the customer. First, CPU
stress test in as many instances as affordable gaming machine there are cores in CPU, plus combined mode for RAM test, several hours of burn-in test will stress
those component to the limit, showing max media center computer temperatures that are kept below safe average. Second – gaming, after regular 3DMark Vantage
plus most demanding games, it will stress videocard along with CPU multimedia center pc and RAM. At the end you can be sure that you can do nothing to kill that PC.
VariantPC will not leave you without support multimedia center computer after you get your computer. Basically all of the parts of the computer are covered under our warranty
except software issues in your extended media center pc activities – software you add, drivers you change, viruses you catch. Physical damage would not be
covered too, but we can fix even that with our free labor support. But buy media center computer for the most part you should not worry about warranty – you will probably
never have to use it, as it happens with 95% of our customers. And those 5% are unfortunate shipping damages that are covered with carriers
insurance. We use only those hardware custom built computers reviews parts that are guaranteed not to break in any conditions.


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