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Welcome to the site of Urbe - Research and Intervention Urban Nuclei.
We are a non-governmental and a non-profit National Youth Association, which is equated to a corporate body of public interest, in accordance with the Law 35/98 of July 18 that defines the statute of environmental non-governmental organizations.

Our main office is located in Lisbon, Portugal. We are integrated into specific groups of Associates spread across the country, which form the Research and Intervention Urban Nuclei.

We are keen on accomplishing editorial, training and debate, studies and delivery of resolutions activities within the scope of our objectives, which are to protect and safeguard the building heritage, the urban environment and the natural and environmental resources.

We are also a forming body accredited by INOFOR, and a Purveyor of Architecture courses accredited by the Portuguese Ordem dos Arquitectos.

We are still members of Europa Nostra - the Pan-European Federation for Heritage, and EFTC - the European Federation of Town Centres.

The statutes are published in Diário da República of May 30, 1998.

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